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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"action news" reporter trish hartman live at the shore, chad pradelli previewing made in america but first we have to know if the weather is cooperating. we have to get the latest forecast from meteorologist adam joseph. >> i have some good news no matter where you're going to be, the poconos, the city, the shore, this entire weekend, today was another hot day in philadelphia. the heat wave continued for another day. this is day six of heat wave number five. we hit a record tying high of 93 degrees and it's the 34th time philadelphia has hit 90 or above in 2015. now, there was supposed to be a front that passed through earlier today but kind of got stuck to our north and east and that is where the temperatures stayed a little bit cooler, 86 in trenton, 83 in beach haven, but south of that front, it did hit the 90's once again for most of the area including the lehigh valley, wilmington, lancaster and millville with a sea breeze at the shore, temperatures there stayed in the mid 80's. relief is on the way.
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double scan live radar show we had a couple of downpours and thunderstorms in parts of the area today. all of that is now pushing to the south and west so we are beginning that drying out process as the front continues to push to that southwest. high pressure is in eastern canada northern new england. the dewpoints still in the upper 60's for philadelphia, so it's still feeling humid out there. but you can see the drier air with dewpoints in the 40's and 50's and that will be pulled in overnight tonight and throughout your weekend. so, also a we take a look at that weekend forecast, it's going to be pretty amazing. we're going have low humidity, sunny skies and warm temperatures, a great combination with those three. monica, when i come back we'll take a look at those temperatures and we are tracking another heat wave, number six on the way in that seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you, adam. now looking live at the jersey shore for you, sky6 hd shows you the view from the boardwalk in atlantic city. a lot of folks lucky to be at the beach and on the boards already. "action news" reporter trish hartman is one of them, she's checking out the conditions in
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ocean city nearby tonight. hi, trish. >> hi, monica. it was a beautiful beach day earlier today. things have taken a little bit of a turn here at waverly surf beach, the overcast and breezy conditions have kind of cleared out the beach right now but everyone is hoping for a great weekend here in ocean city. chamber of commerce officials say they're expecting a strong weekend for businesses here with accommodationing almost act completely booked. many folks say labor day weekend is about making family memories before the summer is over. >> sad that it's ending. i don't want to go back to school. that's is the general feeling among beachgoers in ocean city new jersey as labor day weekend begins but with that sadness comes a sense of duty to enjoy every last second of summer. >> we're going to spend the day at the beach and do the boardwalk later on. >> reporter: among those hitting the books after labor day rachel from langhorne who studies at west chester university. >> i don't have a checklist when i'm down here.
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there's never a to do. it's always just relax and have fun with family and friends. >> reporter: for her mom lisa, it's one last chance to make some family memories before her daughter starts another school year away from home. >> we started coming here when her brother was born, which was in -- we started here in 1991 and we've been coming every year since and we love it. >> reporter: but for some, the end of summer comes at just the right time. just ask caesar garcia father to aubrey and brielle. >> great to see them go back to school. tired of stopping kids from eating sand and throwing sand on strangers but at the same time always enjoy the beach with the babies and the wife and everyone else. >> reporter: 11 month old daughter i know all about babies eating sand. now earlier this afternoon we asked folks what their top must dos at the beach are before summer ends and they said grilling, going in the ocean and picking up their favorite treats from the boardwalk. we're live in ocean city
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tonight, trish harder man, >> we invite you to make channel six part of your labor day weekend. storm tracker radar will give you realtime updates any time on what's ahead. chopper six right now shows us the view of the ben franklin parkway tonight. it is closed to traffic as they put finishing touches other made in america festival this week. the stage is set for all the big names in music who are scheduled to perform tomorrow and sunday. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live on the parkway where 70,000 people are expected to gather through the weekend to hear beyoncé and beyond, right, chad. >> reporter: hey, monica. crews still very busy constructing the stages here at made in america. up and down the parkway i'm told beyoncé will be doing a sound check here in about an hour. the count do you kno down is on. come tomorrow this place will be packed with people. >> ♪ >> reporter: when beyoncé takes the stage tomorrow night 70,000 strong are expected to
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have filled the parkway. it's year four of made in america an event turning into a philadelphia staple. >> this year we're sold out. we've never sold out in advance this year. we've always done great. city is so supportive, people are supportive but this year we sold outweigh in advance. you could not get a ticket for this show. >> reporter: dustin summer and his wife arrived from ohio. they're looking forward to seeing the queen bee but also the weekend who is the final act of the festival. >> it's our -- my wife and i who is back there, it's our five year anniversary and we've seen beyoncé perform on the on the run tour and we saw beyoncé was performing and she's like we're going so here we are. >> reporter: crews have been busy building the five stages erecting fencing and installing bathrooms. the weather will be warm and city officials are urging people to drink plenty of water. if people need help, they should look for one of these signs. that way responders can find them quickly. >> just tell us where you are and we'll be able to get our great public safety assets to
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you. >> reporter: in all the festivities begin tomorrow. the gates open at noon. i'm live along the parkway, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news": monica. >> thank you chad. after made in america the next big event on the parkway of course is the world meeting of families and the papal visit. just a short time ago the philadelphia archdiocese announced how people can get some of the 10,000 tickets to the pope's event at independence mall. "action news" reporter john rawlins live at 30th street station to explain that along with concerns about travel and security. lihi, john. >> reporter: we got nuts and bolts as far as how to get to those 10,000 activities it will be for one of the three major events. it will be first come first serve. we did talk to a hotel operator who talked to us about some of the frustrations he's had over the last few weeks and months. >> i really don't understand why this became what it has
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become today. >> reporter: brian operates the 44 room roadway inn center city on walnut street. he's talking about what he calls the confusion and lack of information coming from event organizers. specifically he says out of towners driving to philadelphia are canceling papal weekend reservations. one issue, they can't get a clear picture of what will happen to their cars which they would normally park in this garage. >> we've gotten two answers. we can use the garage if we get the cars in thursday or friday by 6 o'clock. recently we were told the garage has to be emptied friday. so we don't know really what to tell those guests. >> reporter: having lost half his reservations he says he's now approaching local businesses to see if they want to put up workers who might have trouble getting into work saturday or sunday. amtrak today says it is adding 41 extra trains from harrisburg and from up and down the northeast corridor during the papal weekend. that would mean an extra 35,000 seats. >> yeah, it's definitely going to be a busy weekend for us no question. >> reporter: just how many people will see the pope is
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anyone's guess. most who will witness the saturday night concert or sunday papal mass will likely need a red zone pass. many are being given to regional parishes and catholic service agencies. we met james mill coming out of mass. he works in philadelphia but his home is in north carolina. >> my parish is down in charlotte. i heard about the ticket deal. i don't know how i'm going get tickets to see him other than maybe be 10 miles away. >> reporter: well, we do know how he might be able to get m his best chance is probably to go online tuesday at noontime and go to world meeting starting at noony noontime as we say, 10,000 of the expected 30,000 public tickets will be made available. they will be for the blue zone, that's independence hall area. that's going to be for the pope's immigration address. as for the big parkway addresses, big parkway events rather in the red zone those will go online sometime on
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wednesday. if you need any more information on this, you can always go to our web site, we'll have the details and keep following it. live at 30th street station, john rawlins channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you so much, john. pope francis held app special virtual audience with folks across america this week. it was moderated by abc's david muir and we'll have that special coverage of that audience tonight on 20/20. you can tune in at 10:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. coming up on "action news" tonight, new information about the death of four family members in new jersey. what prosecutors announced today. plus, the ground just opened up. what led to this crater in northeast philadelphia. and it looks like tim tebow made the team. the trade that makes it likely he will stay with the eagles. that's coming up in sports.
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>> check out the result of an overnight water main break here in northeast philadelphia. a giant sinkhole opened up this morning here in the 3800 block of chalfont drive. the street had already been shut down for several weeks because of repairs from a previous water main break. crews were working on closing the sinkhole all afternoon. about 60 customers did lose water service for several hours today but officials say the water is back on tonight. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will not fire members of his staff who engaged in offensive e-mails. late today, williams released a statement saying the e-mails used derogatory language towards women minorities and gay people. williams says three members of his staff exchanged the e-mails and he adds that they were not employed by his office when it happened five or six years ago. attorney general kathleen kane
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who is facing perjury charges says she was targeted for prosecution to hide their involvement in an e-mail scandal. williams has corrected those employees to attend sensitivity training. authorities have now confirmed that a family of four found dead at the jersey shore died in a murder-suicide. prosecutors say 35-year-ol 35-yd lyndon beharry shot his girlfriend amanda morris and their sons ages seven and four. beharry turned the gun on himself. multiple fires were also intentionally set at the family home in long branch monmouth county tuesday. investigators have not yet said if the family died of the bullet wounds or fire related injuries. a couple who starved to death their disabled three-year-old daughter has now been sentenced to 30 to 60 years behind bars. carmen ramirez and carlos rivera pleaded guilty to murder in the third degree. little natalie who was three years old weighed only 11 pounds which is the same as a three month old.
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she was born blind. she did have down's syndrome. and she was found dead in the couple's west oak lane home in september 2013. investigators say the couple also neglected all five of their children. detectives looking for two gunmen and a motive in a shooting here that that wounded a pregnant woman and a 21-year-old man in frankford, somebody fired 11 shots last night in the 4100 block of paul street. the woman is eight months pregnant but she and her unborn child fortunately are both expected to be okay. she did not want to show her face but she did speak with "action news" reporter vernon odom today. >> i was sitting down. then i heard gun shots and then i got shot. after i got in the house, i realized i got shot. the baby is fine. >> reporter: no problems with that, hm. >> no. >> police believe the suspects left the scene in a white four door cadillac. working men and women were honored today at a ceremony in new jersey. union members and elected
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officials put a wreath at arlington cemetery in pennsauken to mark labor day. this was the southern new jersey afl-cio central labor council annual labor day service. he had announced 20 scholarships to students who are union members or whose family belongs to a union.
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>> jeff skversky here with sports. looks like the eagles did make a quarterback decision. >> looks like they have. go back to beginning of ota's. they bring in tim tebow prosecutor training camp. he was only expected to be an extra arm. sure enough he strong armed matt barkley out of a job. looks like it's tebow time. instead of cutting quarterback matt barkley in favor of tim tebow the eagles trade barkley to the arizona cardinals for a conditional seventh round pick next year. barkley the odd man out after a terrible preseason. failed to throw a single touchdown despite more reps than any other eagles quarterback. last night he did not help his cause. bark economy threw a pick and just 45 yards. so tebow appears to have won
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the third string job. a roster spot for the first time in three years. could be it for this guy. yet the eagles are yet to make it official. last night tebow threw to two touchdowns. afterwards i talked to both guys about fighting for the job. >> i'm not going to worry about what i can't control. you know, it's a blessing being able to come out here and play the game there i love and it's a lot of fun out there tonight. and i had a blast. you know i just try to go out there and do what i'm coached and try to improve every day and compete and, you know, obviously every time you step out there you want to win. >> you look at it like your body of work that you can play in this league? >> yes, yeah i definitely believe i can. my confidence is there and i know that from time spent with this offense and my familiarity with it yeah i definitely can. >> eagles have until tomorrow at 4:00 to get the roster down to 53 and they have already told some players they've been cut. one of the biggest names reportedly out roxborough native rasheed bailey trying
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to make the team as a rookie free agent receiver. bailey caught the impressive touchdown last night. he's a strong candidate to make the practice squad. bailey believes he can play in this league. >> do you say to yourself in my mind i know i can play in this league. >> those are the things that are going through my head right now as i speak i know i can play in this league and i'm excited because i've played in four nfl games. i've seen what i can do out there. >> much more on the eagles roster and of course the opener on "action news" sports sunday at 11:35. that and much more with brandon graham and company. eagles don't kick offer the regular season until 10 days. the linc will be sold out for college football between temple and penn state. the second and only time temple has ever sold out the linc. the other 2007. also against penn state. here's james franklin and the nittany lions arriving in philadelphia earlier today. lions linebacker white who grew up in the city is anxious to play at home. >> something about the linc that gets me, i don't know,
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maybe 'cause it's my hometown and it's my favorite team, the eagles and i'm going have to calm myself down. i know i'm going to be a little emotional. >> dom brown won't, in the phillies lineup tonight against the red sox. in fact he may miss the rest of the season altogether. brown has been diagnosed with a concussion after flying into the stands wednesday in new york. high school football is back. opening night lincoln and white and what a play against southern. jacob croft drops the pitch, picks it up and takes off. goes 69 yards. watch him down the side line. southern finally brings him down at the one and they also hold on to win 22-16. we kick off high school huddle tonight with highlights and features after "action news" at 11:00 and normally this is cecily's job but i would like to see you throw the football tonight. >> right now. >> i can throw a little bit. >> thank you jeff. meteorologist adam joseph with the accuweather forecast next. we'll be back coming up.
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>> time to check accuweather. meteorologist adam rows instead of in four cecily. it's going to be spectacular for the holiday. >> i mean, from start to finish, really no complaints here with sunshine, lower humidity. and warm temperatures. as we take a look right now at double scan live radar, a front continues to pass through and we have one lonely thunderstorm in parts of lancaster county. if you're heading west on the pennsylvania turnpike away from berks county, chester county, you will bump into this storm as it's moving to the west of lincoln and south and west of cocalico. brief heavy rain with it. winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour, not severe.
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this will continue to drift to the west. eventually fall apart and move out of the viewing area. what a start to september out there. if you liked the heat and humidity, this is the perfect weather for you. also we'll chat about that very gorgeous weekend. that is now beginning. but when we look at the first four days of september, temperatures have been between 93 and 96 degrees. a very rare start to september. in fact, the last time we had started with four consecutive days of 90 or above in september, you have to go back 42 years, so a very hot start to the new month. but as we go into the weekend, it's going to be gorgeous. we're going to kind of kick back those temperatures just a little bit, especially for saturday. and take a look at live on sky6 in atlantic city. all looking pretty good there. little more cloud cover has moved into the shore temporarily right now with with a strong wind coming in off of the ocean. temperatures there in the upper 70's right now and we're quickly falling given we were 93 degrees just a few hours
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ago in philadelphia. down to 82 and it's that wind driving out of the northeasterly direction cutting those numbers down and eventually the humidity will follow. in response to it, it's high pressure, that's what's responsible with that northeasterly wind moving that front to the south and west and that high will dominate the forecast this upcoming holiday weekend. really it's a dome of high pressure and under such a massive area of high which is typical in the fall season to start seeing them breaking down from canada. there's a lot of sinking air so you don't get much in the way of clouds to form tow perfection here, saturday, sunday and monday. now the one thing i want you to really watch this weekend if you're at the shore is a moderate maybe even at times tomorrow a high risk for rip currents because of that strong wind coming in off of the ocean. so, make sure you swim where the lifeguards are on duty and don't go in the water once they are relieved of their duties. 77, upper 70's here saturday, sunday, bright and beautiful
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despite that wind off the water and gorgeous on labor day 81. in the poconos very pleasant, low humidity and warm on labor day at 82. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're back to the 80's, low humidity tomorrow. lots of sun on sunday and labor day. humidity stays low both days with those temperatures jumping back up to 90 by monday. then the humidity gets mixed back in to the equation here on tuesday and wednesday and steamy. 92 degrees, a scattered storm late wednesday. same thing for thursday with temperatures still on the verge of 90 degrees before we get some clouds in here to cool it back down to somewhat more normal levels. >> thank you so much. finally tonight an oscar winning montgomery county native is causing quite the buzz at the jersey shore. bradley cooper has been spotted enjoying a vacation in brigantine. the actor stopped by richman's ice cream and burger bar on wednesday. he went to bob's grille in
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ocean city yesterday. cooper grew up in jenkintown. he graduated from germantown academy in fort washington before of course making it big in hollywood. glad to have you back. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 tonight here on channel six. for adam cecily tynan jeff skversky ducis rodgers jim gardner and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night and hope to see you right here at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, major developments in the race for the white house. what hillary clinton is now saying about her e-mails. will she apologize? and joe biden on whether he'll return. and after a lieutenant is killed, the search outside of a major american city. they're now taking dn arka swab the deadly riptide. a 28-year-old pulled into the water. and our exclusive with pope


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